70% want cyclists to buy insurance



Seven out of 10 Brits (69.6%) are demanding that Kamikaze cyclists be forced to buy insurance – just like car drivers and motorcyclists have to. That's according to a survey from insurance seller Policy Expert. Nearly half of cyclists admit they don't even insure their bike against theft when it's not at home.

But the research ahead of Bike Week (14-22 June) shows Brits are backpedalling on the 'drivers versus cyclists' rift, with seven in 10 (69%) admitting that the cyclists are harmless, keep down traffic levels, and help to save the planet.

Adam Powell, head of operations at Policy Expert said: "It's apparent that the majority of Brits would like it to be compulsory for cyclists to buy insurance, much like motorists have to. But, this would be a huge regulatory step to take."

Cycle paths

The research found that Brits also believe roads should be made safer for cyclists. Some 52.7% of people believe town and city centres should be closed to cars and only open to public transport and cyclists, and 74.9% of people say cyclists should have special cycle paths.

The research also looked at what most frustrates British road users. The top 5 gripes were:
  • Behaviours of other motorists (39.9%)
  • The level of traffic on the roads (28.4%)
  • The behaviour of cyclists (8.6%)
  • Speed camera (6.2%)
  • Low speed limits (2.5%)