World Cup costs fans £150 to say sorry


man watching World cup on TV

Four million UK Football fans will spend £150 each or £605m between them to spoil their partner with gifts and gestures in compensation for watching the World Cup. This is a significant increase from the last World Cup when the average spend in making up was £96, or £260m in total.

The footy fans will spend their hard-earned cash on flowers, restaurant meals, holidays and other peace-offerings to make up for neglecting their other half while watching Rooney and Ronaldo strut their stuff in Rio, research from Santander Credit Cards reveals.

Millions are braced for off-field disputes of the domestic variety, with 5.7 million supporters (11%) predicting that watching the footy will be the cause of an argument between them and their partner.

The study from Santander, which is sponsoring ITV's live coverage of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, shows that female footy followers estimate the cost of World Cup arguments will be £108, whereas men estimate it will cost £170 repairing the damage done by their soccer squabbles.

Most popular 'peace-offerings' 2014 (2010)

  • Do more work than usual around the house 33% (31%)
  • Help more with the kids 24% (15%)
  • Let my partner watch their favourite TV programme 22% (23%)
  • Do more work than usual in the garden 18% (20%)
  • Buy flowers 17% (8%)
  • Pay for a meal out 15% (15%)
  • Sacrifice other time spent with friends 11% (11%)
  • Buy other gifts 9% (7%)