Builders among the safest drivers



Builders and bakers are among the best drivers while engineers and estate agents are among the worst, according to a survey.

Based on accident figures per profession, the survey showed that administrators were the safest drivers, followed by painters and farmers.

Builders were the sixth-safest on the list compiled by insurance company 1st Central, with bakers eighth.

The survey also showed that, according to accident figures, the least safe drivers were engineers, followed by mechanics, estate agents, travel agents and IT consultants.

Also on the top 10 "unsafe" list, were non-medical hospital workers, accountants, debt collectors, hospital doctors and psychotherapists.

1st Central co-founder and chief underwriting officer Pete Creed said: "People often have preconceived ideas about how certain professions behave on the roads.

"Our data dispel a number of these myths, but it's interesting to see such suspicions confirmed for estate agents."

These were the top 10 least-safe drivers by profession:

1. Engineer
2. Mechanic
3. Estate agent
4. Travel agent
5. IT consultant
6. Hospital worker (non medical)
7. Accountant
8. Debt collector
9. Hospital doctor
10. Pyschotherapist

These were the safest:

1. Administrator
2. Painter
3. Farmer
4. Fashion designer
5. Carpet fitter
6. Builder
7. Cleaner
8. Baker
9. Dinner lady
10. Caretaker

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