£1.2m Lottery ticket spent 3 weeks stuck to fridge

Unusual places winning tickets have been found


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Kerry Poxon, a pharmacy assistant and mother of two from Eastwood in Nottinghamshire, had no idea she was a Lottery millionaire, for three weeks. The busy mum was caught up in birthday celebrations and the chaos of every-day life with two young boys, so left the ticket lurking on the fridge for three weeks.

It's not the first time a winning ticket has been neglected for weeks.

Poxton only got the time to check her numbers during half term last week, and told the Telegraph: "I checked the numbers on my phone and I didn't believe it when my numbers came up. So I checked them on another device but was still convinced something was wrong with my internet. So I called my dad to get him to check and he told to me sit down."

She told the Mirror: "To think my ticket worth over a million pounds had been stuck on my fridge all this time is unbelievable."

She said she will buy a new house with the money - although nothing too big or extravagant - and train to become a midwife. She had wanted to make the career change last year but had been unable to afford it.

Unusual lost tickets

It's not the first time a winning lottery ticket has been neglected. Camelot says that over the years, winners have reported losing their tickets and then finding them down the back of the sofa, in a car sun visor, inside a bin bag that was about to be collected and even inside a tin of cat treats.

At the end of December last year a woman from Hamilton in California was approached by the State lottery company and told she had won $50 million on the lottery. She had no idea that she had won, and had lost the ticket, but their investigations meant she was still able to claim the cheque. The company had tracked down the place and time when she had bought the ticket, checked the CCTV footage of the winner, and then matched the credit card transaction to the woman's name and address. All she had to do was produce her credit card bill and pick up the enormous cheque.

Another California woman saw a CCTV photo of herself in a local paper, asking her to come forward to claim a $23 million win. She eventually found the lottery ticket in the glove compartment of her car - where it had languished for more than five months - and the jackpot was claimed with just 25 days until the deadline. The woman didn't claim the jackpot herself - she had bought the ticket for her mother so it was her mother who came forward to pick up the money.

In 2011 an Illinois man found a $9 million ticket - thanks to the tax man. He dug out a folder so he could complete his tax return and found an old lottery ticket. He checked his numbers and discovered he had won $9 million. He had found the ticket less than a week before the deadline which would have rendered it worthless.

One of the luckiest winners were a Toronto couple, who picked up a lottery win of $50 million at the end of May. They initially won in January, but despite taping the ticket inside a purse, it went missing the day before they were due to collect their winnings. They searched their home and were frantic to discover it was nowhere to be found. However, someone found it on the floor in their church, and because the couple had put their address on the back they put it in the mailbox.