Is One Direction's Louis Tomlinson buying Doncaster Rovers?


Soccer - Louis Tomlinson's Doncaster Rovers Debut

Pop sensation Louis Tomlinson is said to be in talks to buy Doncaster Rovers, the League One side he has supported all his life. He has always had close ties to the football club, is a current season-ticket-holder - and even appeared for the reserves' team in February.

But is it a good idea to buy the club itself?

The Sun reported rumours that he could be joining forces with the club's former owner to buy the club and then sell off a large share to a consortium. The Daily Mail speculated that if the bid is successful Tomlinson could end up as co-chairman.

Is it a good idea?

Both the star and the club have declined to make any comment, so it's not known whether this will ever progress beyond rumours. But would it be a sound financial plan?

The club has recently been relegated from the Championship to League One, but Tomlinson is said to hope its fortunes could be turned around, and could enter the higher leagues where the monetary rewards are bigger.

However, even with the potential rewards of the Premiership, football isn't exactly a money-spinner. Roman Abramovich, the Russian owner of Chelsea, is said to have spent more than £1 billion since he bought Chelsea in 2003 and is unlikely to see any of that money again. Likewise Sheikh Mansour from Abu Dhabi has invested a similar sum in Manchester City since 2008. Meanwhile, Mike Ashley, the Chairman of Newcastle United and the man behind Sports Direct has loaned the club £200 million, and there's every chance that this loan will never be repaid.

It's hardly surprising. According to Deloitte's annual review of football finances, only half the clubs in the Premier League made an operating profit over the last season. In the Championship only three clubs made an operating profit and only five made a net profit.

The most expensive football tickets

The most expensive football tickets

However, Tomlinson wouldn't be the first famous face to buy into a club because he's a passionate fan, and he's not worried about spending some money. He wouldn't be the first pop star to do it either: Elton John bought Watford in 1976 when it was struggling in the Fourth Division. By 1981 it had moved up to the First Division - and even made it to Wembley. However, this was because Elton John had the money to put behind the club, and he wasn't afraid to do so.

Delia Smith is one of the most well-known celebrity owners - not least because of her impassioned speeches to supporters. She's Joint Majority Shareholder of Norwich City alongside her husband. They have been instrumental in stabilising the financial state of the club - and have developed other revenue steams such as Canary catering to help fund the club.

Bill Kenwright, meanwhile, is best known as a hugely successful West End producer. However, he also Chairman of Everton Football Club after leading a consortium to buy the club in 1999.

Tomlinson is said to be worth £14 million, which means he could afford to put some money into the club without feeling the pain too deeply. And given that he's a 22-year-old with a passion for football - what better way is there to spend his cash?

But what do you think? Is it a good idea?