Freebie Friday: your ticket to this week's best freebies

Free beer and free money


Beer bubbles in glass.

There are some things you don't expect to be offered for nothing. Beer, and £5 notes are probably a couple of them. However, there are lots of businesses gearing up to give beer away - and one that's willing to give you a fiver.

If that's a bit of an overwhelming thought, why not sit down for a nice free cup of coffee to get used to the idea.

Free beer

The users of have spotted that you can get a voucher for two free pints of beer. It's a bit of a faff, but in return you'll get two free pints of Czech beer, so you might think it's worth it. You'll need to check the website for details of your nearest participating pub, and download the app. Then when you're within 200 metres of that pub, open the app and download the voucher. You'll then have 20 minutes in which to get to the pub and use your voucher. The deal runs until 10th July - or until it has given away 13,000 free pints.

More free beer

There are a number of places offering a free pint of lager for dads who book to have a Father's Day Meal on 15 June. The offer is on at La Tasca, Harvester, Sizzling Pubs, Crown Carveries and Ember Inns - so you can treat your dad to a pint for free.

Free money

Virgin Money have come up with a brilliant challenge for children aged between 5 and 11. If you register by 1 June, you'll get a fiver with which to start up an enterprise - either on your own or as part of a group (or school). You then have a month in which to turn that fiver into as much money as possible (while engaging with the local community). At the end of the month you have to give the money back (and they ask for a pledge of an extra 50p to fund the scheme next year). And you get to keep the profits.

Free coffee

We've mentioned the O2 Priority Moments offers before, and there are often enough of them to make it worth getting a free O2 SIM and putting it in an old handset. The users of have highlighted that until 26th June, every Friday you can use the app to get a free coffee from cafe Nero.

Free photo and comic book

Asda is running a promotion for Father's Day. You can pop into the store on Saturday 7 June, where they will let you borrow a cape and stand in front of a Superdad backdrop. You just take a picture on your phone and they'll print it for free - so you can give it to dad for Father's Day. There's also a free colour-in comic book which will hold the photo.