Is this the most amazing job in the world?

Hotel company advertises for a 'Fort Ruler'


Spitbank Fort

A hotel company is advertising for a manager for one of its most unusual properties - No Man's Land Fort, a mile out in the Solent. The 19th century Grade II listed fort is opening in the autumn as a luxury hotel and venue. They are looking for a manager - or as they put it - a Fort Ruler.

So do you have what it takes? And is this the most amazing job in the world?

The job

The company has billed it as the most amazing job in the world, It boasts that it has the most stylish commute - because the fort must be reached by helicopter or sea boat.

There's certainly an air of drama at the venue it calls 'the ultimate James Bond hideaway". The AmaZing Venues property has 22 bedrooms, a gym, nightclub, laser tag playroom and a rooftop pool. Some of the more unusual features as far as hotels go are the museum, the lighthouse, the two helicopter pads and a fake street.

It's unusual, but it's not exactly unique - the company also owns Spitbank Fort in the Solent (pictured), and runs it as a similar kind of business. However, the company still claims that the manager will be "The envy of every sailor in the Solent."

As manager you'll host events, so you'll need some traditional hospitality skills. The advert says the job is: "Suited to a luxury hospitality expert, with a keen eye for detail, exceptional customer service skills, experience of managing large venues and teams and hosting grandiose get-togethers."

There will also be some less traditional duties: the advert lists sailing, fishing and sabrage - the technical term for opening a champagne bottle with a sabre.

Is it the most amazing job?

Of course, in reality, there are some things to bear in mind. The weather isn't always going to be good, and the sea will not always be calm - which could make for an interesting commute. You are also running the hotel on a day-to-day basis, which isn't going to mean long soaks in the pool and mucking about in the laser tag playground. It's more likely to mean dealing with inebriated guests who want to go for a swim, or party-goers who want to see you open a champagne bottle with a sabre for the 50th time at 1am.

And it's not the first company to have made this kind of claim.

In September last year luxury website sent out the job advert for a Luxury Living Executive to its members. The idea was for the winning candidate to live the life of luxury, sampling the world's finest products, eating at the best new restaurants, road-testing the most extravagant cars, and playing with the most sophisticated new technology. They would then blog about it for the site. No salary was mentioned, which begs the question of whether it's the kind of job you could do for a living. However, the company released photos of the winning candidate to prove it was a real job.

In March, Luxury Travel Intelligence - a members-only website which provides information for incredibly wealthy travellers - advertised for someone to spend a year travelling around the world, enjoying the most exclusive travel experiences. The trip would be completely free - up to expenses of $1 million - as long as they reviewed each experience on the website. Of course, there was a catch: after $1 of expenses, the successful candidate had to cover their own costs. This may not seem a major problem - after-all who can't make $1 million last a year? However, with the experiences including things like hiring a private island for £126,000 a week, there would be a very real risk of overspending.

In February, Jauntaroo's Best Job Around the World was given to Tyson Mayr, a 27-year-old Australian. He will be paid $100,000 for an all-expenses paid trip around the world for one year. He will volunteer in each place with the aim of leaving it better than when he arrived.

Every year there's also a competition for what the Australian Tourist Board calls the 'Best Job in the World'. Candidates from around the world compete in a number of challenges to prove they are experts in various fields such as eating, adventuring, photography and 'fun'. Six are then picked to spend a year touring the country for a year, doing what they are passionate about, uncovering the best that Australia has to offer, and then writing about it. These roles also come with an incredible £56,000 pay packet.

So what do you think? Are these the most amazing jobs? Will you be applying?

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