The tiny cabin: could you live in a house like this?


Not all homes are the same. In fact, many of the properties coming up for sale in the UK every week are downright bizarre. That doesn't mean they won't make beautiful, happy homes, though.

This week, we take a closer look at the Salsa Box - a mini, mobile home that comes complete with garden.

Looking for a compact, low-cost home? Maybe you should order a Salsa Box cabin, which squeezes a double bed, a kitchen and a bathroom with a shower and a mini bath into just 96 square feet.

The tiny wooden home also boasts a fold-down window box designed to offer you somewhere to grow herbs and vegetables.

Made of wood and metal, the Salsa Box cabin comes complete with a queen-sized bed and "lots of creative nooks and crannies for storage", as well as a mini bath and shower and a flushing toilet.

Those looking for an ecological home, meanwhile, can choose to install a composting toilet and solar power and to attach a water catchment system to the roof.

US firm Shelter Wise, which makes Salsa Boxes, claims that no permit is needed to tow the cabin behind your car.

However, to provide a more permanent residence, the cabin can also be modified to rest on traditional foundations.

Pros and cons
Buying a Salsa Box is undoubtedly a very cheap way to get your hands on your first home.

And even if you get a new job in another part of the country, you can simply tow your little house to a new, more suitable location.

A home of this size is not for claustrophobics, though! You will also have to order it from the US, which could up the price significantly.

$22,500 (£13,430)

Shelter Wise - 001 5038608100/ 001 3604668651

The tiny home built for $11,000

The tiny home built for $11,000