'Money waster' Price fights divorce


Gavel on divorce decree documents.

A man named Price is fighting to save his marriage after his wife filed for divorce complaining that he was a money waster.

Detail of the couple's troubles has emerged in a Court of Appeal ruling.

A judge had issued a decree nisi, signalling the end of the marriage, after a hearing in a county court in Reading, Berkshire.

But the man asked appeal judges to analyse the case, saying he had a "religious objection to divorce", wanted to stay married, and did not think he had been allowed to argue his case fully.

Three appeal judges allowed his appeal and said the dispute should be reheard in a county court.

"On 14 November 2012, Mrs Price's divorce petition was issued. It was a behaviour petition based upon Mr Price's alleged profligacy with money," said one appeal judge, Lady Justice Black, after an appeal hearing in London.

"It seems that not only does (Mr Price) dispute much of what is set out in the petition, he also wishes to stay married and thinks it can work."

She said a judge in a county court should re-hear the case but added: "I do not know what the real picture is away from the court arena but it is difficult to see how Mr Price's hopes for a reconciliation could come to fruition in the light of all that has happened."

Appeal judges did not give the couple's full identities in a written ruling, naming them only as Mr and Mrs Price.

They gave little detail about Mrs Price's allegations but said one complaint was that he "placed ... investments in high risk".

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