Sarah Beeny names Britain's savviest family: who saved £1k in six weeks

How did they do it?


The Staniforth Family from Leeds has been named as Britain's savviest. In just six weeks, a combination of clever savings techniques helped them save an incredible £1,035 - without having to change their lifestyle at all.

So how did they do it, and what can we learn from them?

Top tips

Charmaine and David Staniforth from Leeds, along with their two sons Oliver (8) and Charlie (3) took the title, after making this incredible saving, and sharing 89 tips for cutting costs on their blog.

Some of the biggest savings included David's decision to car share to work, saving £140 a month on petrol and parking. He found his car share through a Google search.

He also saves a fortune on buying insurance. Not only does he compare insurance deals online. He then makes a note of the companies offering the cheapest quote and accesses the deal though a cashback site. He does this for his parents too, who are less technologically savvy. In the process he has saved over £200 and raised over £50 cashback into the bargain.

Charmaine also takes advantages of social media to get a better deal. She signs up for emails and newsletters from any family attractions they may want to visit, any favourite restaurants, and budget hotel chains - so she will hear about any special offers. She also regularly checks their Facebook pages - and the daily deals emails. She says that this way she gets a deal on everything the family wants to do - and has never paid full price for a holiday.

They involve the kids in money-saving too, so Oliver was tasked with checking how much gas and electricity was being used, and policing the family to ensure they weren't wasting any.

Charlie's birthday fell within the challenge, and they saved a small fortune buying presents second hand on eBay, and throwing a party with items sourced on eBay. They even sold off the party decorations afterwards.

They are also keen cooks, using meal planning and cooking in bulk (and adding plenty of vegetables to make more for less). It means that they stick to a shopping budget of just £200 a month. Rather than this being a chore, they use baking as a cheap activity to enjoy with the children.

The win

The awards, run by Nectar, were judged by a panel including Sarah Beeny. She said: "The Staniforth family really proved they go the extra mile to be savvy in their everyday life."

Charmaine added: "For us it's not about missing out or being tight, but making our money do more. What we love most about our savvy lifestyle is the fact that we're teaching our boys a skill for life."

Of course, entering this competition could turn out to have been the savviest move of all, because they have won £10,000 worth of prizes including a family holiday, £1,000 to spend at Sainsbury's and £1,000 to spend on eBay.

Save money on shopping

Save money on shopping