Couple's Cardiff wedding scuppered by Obama

This year's top 5 wedding dramas


The happy couple

Planning a wedding is always prone to the odd drama, but it's not usually Barack Obama throwing a spanner in the works. For Cardiff couple Christine Connolly (25) and Sam Holland (28), however, the US president has taken an unusual role in their wedding drama - he has kicked them out of the wedding venue.

How does this rate as wedding dramas go?

The Daily Mail reported that the couple were planning to get married at City Hall in Cardiff in September. However, the NATO summit will be in town at this point, and the city has decided to host a banquet at the venue for Obama and other world leaders. The wedding was booked for the same day, so has been given the boot.

Fortunately staff at the venue arranged for the couple to be married at the Lord Mayor's Mansion House in the city instead. Connolly has taken the change on the chin. She even told Wales Online that she had invited Barack and Michelle Obama - and their secret service team - to pop in for a slice of cake.

The couple are re-printing their invitations, and have to give notice at the register office again, but as wedding dramas go, this is a short and happy one. There are far worse wedding tales to have entered the hall of fame. Here are five of the most outrageous from the UK in the last 12 months:

1. The bomb threat
One of the most striking tales was the Liverpool groom who woke up on the morning of the wedding and realised he had failed to book the ceremony. His solution was to call the venue and claim there was a bomb in the building, in the hope the wedding party would simply be turned away. Unfortunately for him, the wedding party were informed that there was no booking - and he was arrested.

2. The groom who robbed the venue
In May last year a Lancashire groom was jailed for robbing the venue where he had been married six months earlier. He took thousands of pounds of alcohol and computers and caused £20,000 of damage.

3. The robbery - by uninvited guest
In October last year a young couple were burgled on their wedding day - by an uninvited family member. The bride's father's girlfriend's son had used the fact he knew they would be out to ransack their home. Police informed them at the reception.

4. The sister who cancelled the wedding
In January this year a court heard that the groom's sister thought he was making a mistake getting married, so cancelled the wedding. She rang and said: "I have saved you on the divorce. I have cancelled your wedding." Fortunately they were able to re-book.

5. The pork pie brawl
We reported in February on the wedding in North Yorkshire which ended with three arrests and the presence of police dogs. The police tweeted that it had all started with a fight over a pork pie.