Police target ticket fraud scammers


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Ticket fraud cost consumers almost £4 million in 2013, according to police.

City of London Police tweeted that scams "cost victims over £3.7m last year", as the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) today launch a week-long focus on ticket fraud.

Concert goers and holidaymakers were the biggest victims of scammers, and among 4,555 reports were 22 victims who lost £10,000 or more, the BBC reported.

Almost half the cases involved flight, concert and festival tickets, and people buying tickets for sporting events were also targeted.

Fraud reports peaked in the summer music festival season, Acpo said, and spiked for flight tickets again in December, according to the BBC.

Acpo's national co-ordinator for economic crime, Commander Stephen Head, said the problem was getting worse, and told the broadcaster: "Millions of pounds were lost last year and millions more could go the same way in 2014.

"Taking a punt on an unofficial seller, be it over the internet or face-to-face, is just not worth the risk."

Cdr Head, of the City of London Police, added: "I am calling on the industry to take a long hard look at the way tickets are sometimes sold in this country to ensure their processes are as resilient as they possibly can be to the growing threat of fraud."

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