Gogglebox 'posh couple' put home up for sale for £3.5m

What do you get for the money?


The 'posh' house

Steph and Dom Parker, known to millions as 'the posh couple' from Channel 4's Gogglebox, have put their house on the market. We're very familiar with one particular part of their home - the sofa - which many will remember best from the day they fell about laughing so uproariously that it tipped over.

Now we can get more familiar with the rest of the property.

The home, in Sandwich in Kent, includes an incredible eight-bedroom house, known as The Salutation, designed by Edwin Lutyens a hundred years ago in the classical style. It is Grade I listed, has a sweeping staircase at its heart, and has been extensively renovated to bring 21st century luxury to 19th century style.

The kitchen features a double-height ceiling, and opens into a dining and lounge area. There are separate sitting rooms too, and an enormous dining room. The bedrooms are the height of luxury, and if they appear to borrow their style from opulent yet understated hotel rooms (with double sinks in the bathrooms, luxury showers, and top-end furniture) it's because they have been using many of them for a B&B business - which also appeared on the Channel 4 programme, Three in a Bed.

This isn't the only accommodation on offer though, because there's also Knightrider House - an original Queen Anne four-bedroom house with three bathrooms. Then there's the gardeners cottage and coach house. All of these have been given over to the B&B business - with the separate houses advertised for groups who are looking for total privacy, kitchens and dining areas. To take advantage of visitors to the striking historic property, there's also a tea room by the gates.

The gardens are pretty impressive too - including a bridge from the main lawn to an island, a copse with a woodland walk, a kitchen garden, a flower meadow and a bowling green.

Is it a good buy?

It's an extraordinary property in incredible condition. If you wanted to convert it back into a family home it would take very little effort - except perhaps for the conversion of the tea room. You would then have luxury, privacy, and history within commuting distance of London for roughly the price of a 3-bedroom flat in Mayfair.

If you were looking for a beautiful property with a business attached, there is certainly money to be made. At the moment the couple charges £285 a night for the best room in the main house, and as little as £160 for rooms in the other buildings. In all, a full house would bring them more than £3,500 a night - which is a pretty good return for changing bedsheets and cooking breakfast.

So what do you think? Would you want to live in the Gogglebox 'posh' house?

Gogglebox 'posh' house

Gogglebox 'posh' house