Fiona Fullerton rows with neighbours over her trees


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Former Bond girl and Strictly Come Dancing star Fiona Fullerton has fallen out with her neighbours - after she got permission to chop down two huge Cypress trees in her garden in Cheltenham. She says she is doing it because the trees have become dangerous. However, some locals have spoken out over what they see as the destruction of something beautiful.

She's not the first celebrity with neighbour problems.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Fullerton has been busy renovating a Grade II listed building in Cheltenham - turning it from offices back into a six-bedroom house. As part of the process she was visited by a tree preservation officer, who said that the 70-year-old trees weren't safe. As a result she obtained a licence to get them chopped down.

The row

She told the newspaper that the tree preservation officer also said they were inappropriate for the area. She added: "We also took advice from three different tree surgeons and one of the trees is old and unsafe.We are just doing what we have been directed to do."

However, a neighbour told the Gloucester Echo that "A lot of residents feel very strongly about this. We don't want these trees to go." Another claimed: "Felling these trees basically amounts to vandalism."

Fullerton told the Western Daily Press: "The trees will be replaced with Holm oaks, fitting in with the ones across the road. If neighbours have any concerns we are happy to talk to them about it."

It looks as though Fullerton is doing the right thing, and is keen to keep on good terms. However, she's not the first celebrity to have an unfortunate brush with the neighbours.

Celebrity rows

Helen Flanagan recently write a letter to her neighbours after they had a loud party, which she posted on Instagram. It said: "Your language and men's voices so loud are intimidating for a woman on her own trying to sleep. There are other people living here apart from you - like ME." She added: "I have reported you. This happens again I shall be ringing the police and I suggest you find a new home."

Meanwhile, in February Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow put their Belsize Park home on the market. There were reports at the time that building works at the property (which was eventually formed of three houses joined together) hadn't endeared them to the neighbours, who had to live with the mess and the noise and the changing face of the property for years.

We reported last September that Nick Ross was given permission to demolish a substantial part of his Grade II-listed Hyde Park mansion - and build a modern extension which one of the planners described as being 'a bit like Marmite' - in inspiring love and hate. He was given permission despite objections from 19 neighbours, including one who stated that "Change never really makes things better anyway."

A month earlier, Sir Bob Geldof apparently was at odds with a neighbour, who wanted to re-open an old opening in a wall which runs around Geldof's estate and finishes up against the wall of her house. She wanted to install a gate to give her better access to her garden, but he argued it was a security risk.

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