Refunds for dodgy takeaways cost £291m a year


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Research has revealed that delivering unacceptable dishes to customers is costing the UK takeaway industry as much as £291m a year in refunded meals.

'Being delivered cold food' and 'receiving the wrong food order' emerged as the most common reasons for Britons being refunded for their takeaways.

As a nation we love our takeaways. The research by Versapak has revealed that 89% of people order takeaway food for delivery at least once a month - typically spending £11.25 per person.

However, a shocking 58% of people have been so unhappy with a meal they had delivered in the last year that they demanded a full refund..

So why are people complaining?

The top reasons for customer complaints are as follows:

1. The food was cold when delivered - (37%)
2. The food delivered was the wrong order- (21%)
3. The food was undercooked - (17%)
4. The food did not taste good - (8%)
5. The food was delivered late - (6%)

Leon Edwards, Group Managing Director of Versapak said he wasn't surprised. He explained: "I wish I could say the results of our findings were a shock but unfortunately many takeaways establishments are simply not taking the best measures when delivering hot food to their customers."

Anyone who has ever had stone cold food delivered in a carrier bag, with ice cream nestling next to a stack of plastic tubs could confirm that this is definitely the case.

But what do you think? Have you ever had a bad takeaway experience? Let us know in the comments below.

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