Waitrose sets great store by poetry



Waitrose is to display poetry by Roger McGough throughout its stores to liven up the weekly shop.

Poems written by McGough for the supermarket will appear in all branches, positioned in spots ranging from the fish counter to the mirrors in the customer toilets.

McGough, who created some of the dialogue for the Beatles film Yellow Submarine and is also a former member of 1960s group The Scaffold, said he hoped that displaying his work in supermarkets might help to bring poetry to a wider audience.

He said: "Poetry doesn't just belong in the library or on the bookshelf, it can be equally at home on the supermarket shelf.

"Poems can celebrate the happy events in our lives, as well as consoling us in the dark times.

"My verses, however, are more of a caress, a tickle, or a poke in the ribs, but I hope they will bring a smile to the face of the shoppers on their way to the fish fingers."

Waitrose marketing director Rupert Thomas said: "We want customers to enjoy shopping with us and so we hope Roger's charming and imaginative poetry will bring a moment of unexpected delight."

The retailer's Year of Poetry campaign will also call on shoppers to write their own poems and send them in.

Six poems written by customers will be chosen each month to appear in stores alongside those by McGough.

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