Stay-at-home children prompt moving


Proud Family in Front of New House

A fifth of parents who moved house in the past few months wanted a bigger home because their children are staying with them until their late 20s, according to a new study.

A survey of almost 13,000 adults by the Royal Mail found that 21% opted for a larger property to prepare for their children staying with them into young adulthood.

Half of those questioned said they waited longer than they wanted to move house, mainly because of a shortage of suitable properties.

The research was among people using the Royal Mail's redirection service.

Andrea Martin, Royal Mail's managing director of data services, said: "It is interesting to see so many people buying larger properties in the expectation that their children will be living with them longer into adulthood.

"Alongside this, patience is proving a virtue in the house-buying market with people prepared to sit it out to find the right home for them."

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