Am I morally wrong to raid the supermarket's discount aisle?


a woman is overwhelmed with the wide range in the supermarket when shopping.

This blog may be a little off track for my normal tax and pensions remit but stick with me; it involves wealth, spending power and discount raspberries.

Last week in my local Sainsbury's I bought not one, or two but four packs of discount raspberries. I know that seems excessive but for a start I absolutely love raspberries and two they were £1 a box instead of £2.

I love the discount aisle in shops, firstly because I love a bargain but also because I hate waste and believe in the motto: best before not horrible after when it come to those irritating dates that put on packaging to try and convince us the food we've just bought is about to go off. If it looks and smells alright, I'll eat it.

So I got home with my four discount box of raspberries, feeling very please with myself when a thought struck me; should I have left the discount fruit for someone who really needs it.

I'm no millionaire but between me and my husband we're not flat broke - we can pay our mortgage and bills and have a few nice dinners and trips to the cinema each month.

I'm well aware working in finance just how many people are struggling and food bills have been rising. The thought I had was am I depriving a poorer family of some lovely nutritious raspberries that they otherwise couldn't afford if they hadn't been discounted?

The answer I came to is 'yes' I probably am.

I actually feel quite guilty about not only buying the fruit in the first place but also bought so many of the packets and you would be right to admonish me for buying them all up - I should have been far less greedy and bought one box for my pudding that night.

So to counter my guilt I have vowed not to purchase anymore food from the discount aisle and leave it for people who would not be able to afford it otherwise. I should feel lucky that I am able to pay full price for decent food which will nourish my body and allow others the same opportunity.

In fact, I should give up Sainsbury's fruit and veg altogether and support my local greengrocer who has an abundance of fruit and veg at far cheaper costs to the supermarket anyhow.

So what do you think; am I right to feel guilty over my discounted raspberry splurge or is it fair game to snaffle a bargain whatever your personal wealth?