Britons spend £109 on hotel rooms


interior of a hotel room

Few foreign tourists spend as much on hotels abroad as Britons do, according to a survey.

Based on prices paid for hotels while in a foreign country, only travellers from Switzerland, Argentina, the US and Norway fork out more than Britons, the poll by showed.

On average, Britons paid £109 for a hotel room on an overseas break last year, the same amount as the Japanese, putting Britain in fifth equal place.

Top were the Swiss, who paid an average of £117, followed by Argentinians (£113) and those from the USA and Norway (both £111).

The survey also looked at prices paid by tourists having breaks in their own country. On this basis, Britons got better deals last year than tourists in some countries, paying an average of £89.

This kept Britain out of the top 10 of the most expensive "home" hotels list, which was headed by Switzerland at £136, then Norway (£119), Singapore (£118) and Australia and Sweden (£106).

Included in the poll was a list of average prices for certain cities. This showed that Britons wanting to spend less than £100 for a hotel room should consider trips to such destinations as Bruges (where rooms averaged £98), Madrid (£81) or Bangkok (£61).

Kate Hopcraft of said: "It's only natural that UK travellers spend more on hotels when abroad than at home - after all, who doesn't like to spoil themselves when on holiday?

"However, there are plenty of options for holidaymakers looking for a foreign destination which provide great value for money."

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