Park officials ban duck feeding


Husband and wife feeding ducks by the lake

People have been banned from feeding ducks in a park amid fears it could attract rats.

Anyone who does not observe the rule could be fined £50 if they are caught feeding the birds in Queen's Park, Glasgow.

It is hoped the move will prevent a repeat of the situation in September 2011 when pest control teams had to be called in to deal with rats in the park.

The local authority said park wardens would ask anyone caught feeding ducks not to do so, and would issue a fine as a last resort.

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: "It is important that all visitors to the park can enjoy it safely.

"Although there are currently no signs of vermin in the park, feeding the ducks has been shown to attract vermin in the past.

"We would urge people to ensure the park remains a safe and enjoyable place for all and not feed the ducks."

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