Vinyl gets modern - and brings high returns


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Think most vinyl collections hark back to the past? Think again; think Modern New, in fact. Recordings by Keane, Muse, Gorillaz and Christina Aguilera, if snapped up on vinyl, can be worth increasingly huge amounts of money. A definitive modern list is to be released later this week.

So, why the sudden interest?

Crackle and (modern) pop

Tomorrow Record Collector magazine releases a list of what it considers to be modern rarities - Kate Bush's 2005 Aerial album is likely to make the list, as is Keane's Hope and Fears album, plus Blur's Blur 21 box set. The Actic Monkeys Five Minutes With (2005) also looks likely to make it.

"Few people realise," quotes Record Collector editor Ian McCann in the Mail, "that more recent vinyl albums can also be highly collectable."

Many fans remain desperate to obtain copies of albums by Radiohead, Arctic Monkeys and Keane he says "as they were only pressed in very limited numbers because most buyers wanted these albums on CD or as downloads."


Clearly it's about supply, limited original print runs - and demand. Compared to modern technology, you can't really sell an MP3 track or your shuffle collection.

Some may be regretting trading in, or throwing away, their old vinyl. Many audiophiles continue to think that vinyl offers better audio quality; that it's warmer, and less 'perfect'. Increasingly, some vinyl recordings are seen as investment-grade, on a par with some wine and art - though bear in mind it's subject to fashion, as well as supply and demand.

The definitive list will be released shortly by Record Collector Magazine. A list of current top vinyl values are listed below (subject to change). Vinyl recordings from the Spice Girls and Abba are also increasingly rising in value.

Bob Dylan - The 50th Anniversary Collection (4xCD-R, 2012) - £600
Led Zeppelin - Soundtrack from The Song Remains The Same (4xLP, 2008) - £500
Metallica - Death Magnetic (5x12-inch single, white vinyl, 2008) £500
The White Stripes - Get Behind Me Satan (LP, 2005) £150
Coldplay - Viva La Vida (Or Death And All His Friends) - (promo LP, 2008) £80

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