New M&S fish and chip... pie!


Fish and chip pie

Have you ever worried that a portion of fish and chips won't fill you up: that it's too light and doesn't contain enough pastry? Then worry no more, because M&S has come up with the culinary genius of a fish and chip pie.

So what is it? And is this the most unusual pie combination in the shops?

The pie

At the bottom of the £3.49 pie is a layer of mushy peas, this is followed by an unusual mixture of cod pieces, cod puree and tartar sauce, all topped off with a layer of chips. It goes on sale on 22 April.

For those who are worried that a combination of chips and pie may not be the healthiest option, M&S is keen to point out that at 581 calories per pie it has about half the calories of a portion of fish and chips from a takeaway - and is less calorific than most of its pies.

Will it sell?

Pies are big business in the UK. According to Mintel, we eat about £1 billion worth of pies a year - making them our favourite pastry-based snack. Our favourite flavour is apparently steak, followed by steak and kidney, minced beef and onion, chicken and mushroom, and chicken and gravy.

Sales have cooled in the last two years - partly as a result of the horsemeat scandal. However, the experts have also complained that there wasn't enough creativity in the pie business.


Clearly M&S is fighting this claim of boring pie flavours - but it's not in this fight alone.

Tesco has its own brand Thai Green Chicken Curry Pie, Iceland sells a Chicken Tikka Lattice Slice and a Chicken Fajita Pizza Pie, while Sainsbury's sells a Cheese and Baked Bean Pie, and Greggs sells a Steak and Mash Pie. The Unusual Pork Pie Company, meanwhile, sells a pork pie with pork, black pudding, cheese and pickle.

But what do you think? Are you prepared to try an unusual pie, or would you rather your curry, fish and chips and chicken fajita came without a pie crust?