Lotto rollover jackpot to be £5.9m


Multicoloured lottery or bingo balls

Wednesday's Lotto draw will be a rollover after nobody won Saturday's jackpot, Camelot said.

The winning numbers were 31, 07, 45, 43, 20, 03, and the bonus number was 41.

Set of balls six and draw machine Guinevere were used.

Wednesday's estimated jackpot is £5.9 million.

Three ticket-holders matched five numbers plus the bonus to take home £115,333 while 249 won £1,179 for five numbers.

A total of 14,910 matched four numbers to claim £104 while 285,283 won £25 for three numbers.

There were 50 Lotto Raffle winners each getting £20,000.

Nobody won the top prize of £130,000 in the Lotto HotPicks draw.

In the Thunderball draw, the winning numbers were 30, 36, 39, 09, 28 and the Thunderball number was 11.

Nobody won the top prize of £500,000.

North East is luckiest in Lotto

North East is luckiest in Lotto