Conman jailed after winning a court case


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A serial conman has been jailed, after his bizarre fantasy life emerged in court. He had convinced his partner of four years that he was a consultant neurosurgeon - in order to get her to part with thousands of pounds. He also posed as a barrister, and even represented the victim of a scam in court.

It was this case that started to unravel the web of lies.

42-year-old Amir Saleem, of Beverly Road in Fallowfield, won £7,680 in costs for his client in a case against a fraudster who had ripped her off. However, during the case, the opposing lawyer was alarmed by his apparent misunderstanding of the law - and his claims to be a surgeon who 'dabbled in the law'. She made a complaint and the police were brought in.

According to the Express, Saleem claimed to have a law degree, when in fact although he had talked his way onto a number of courses between 1997 and 2012, he was asked to leave them all after falling short. The then went on to create a law firm, Century Law.

Meanwhile, the Telegraph reported that he also conned his partner of four years out of £36,000 after convincing her he was a wealthy surgeon.

He was jailed for four years and four months at Manchester Crown Court, and the Judge branded him a 'knowing and manipulative fraudster' He added: "The public at large is the victim in offending of this sort because it undermines confidence in qualified professional people."


It's yet another shocking example of how good people can easily be misled by conmen with outlandish stories.

We reported in January on the conman burglar who claimed to be a house-hunting oligarch in order to look around people's homes and help himself to their valuables. He took jewellery worth £800,000 and was jailed for eight years.

At the end of last year, conman Daniel Olley of Ipswich was jailed for stealing money from women he met on online dating sites. The former mechanic took money and cars from four women. One women gave him her car to sell, at which point he disappeared. He told another that her car was too dangerous to drive and that he would take it to a garage - at which point he stole it. A third woman let him borrow her bank card in order to borrow £250, but he stole £550 and scarpered. It was his fourth jail sentence for similar crimes.

Some conmen take things to extremes. There was Anthony de Clerck - jailed in 2008 for a range of con tricks where he claimed to be a spy, descended from Belgian nobility, an army officer on leave, and a high-flying lawyer. He used his identities to win the confidence of his victims and persuade them to part with their money - before disappearing.

And perhaps most famously there was Frank Abagnale, who cashed $2.5 million worth of cheques in 26 countries during five years in the 1960s under a range of identities. He posed as a pilot, a doctor and a lawyer, and his story was made into the film 'Catch Me If You Can'.