Two winners share £4.6m lotto prize


Multicoloured lottery or bingo balls

Two jackpot winners shared £4.6 million in Saturday's Lotto draw.

The winning Lotto numbers were 47, 21, 49, 16, 14, 08 and the bonus number was 29 .

Set of balls six and draw machine Guinevere were used.

The two jackpot winners collected £2,318,780 for matching the six main numbers.

There were nine ticketholders who matched five main numbers plus the bonus ball to win £41,129 and 253 matched five numbers to take £1,242.

There were 14,417 who matched four main numbers to win £115 and 274,651 had three numbers to scoop £25.

A total of 50 ticketholders won £20,000 each on the Lotto raffle.

There will be another 50 raffle winners of £20,000 each on Wednesday, when the estimated jackpot is £2.2 million.

There was no winner of the £130,000 Lotto HotPicks jackpot, which uses the same numbers as the Lotto draw.

There was also no winner of the Thunderball top prize of £500,000.

The winning Thunderball numbers were 22, 13, 16, 05, 31 and the Thunderball was 11.

North East is luckiest in Lotto

North East is luckiest in Lotto