Couple win lotto three times in a month


Powerball Lottery

Baby, we did it again. They're the words of Calvin Spencer to his wife, Zatera, on winning the lottery for the third time - in just one month. The Virginia couple won $1m in the Powerball lottery on 12 March. They followed it up with a $50,000 win on 26 March. And the following day, the 27th, they won again - taking another $1m.

And the Spencer's aren't finished yet.

Run of extended luck

The latest $1m win for the Spencers is actually cut to $681,000 because the prize was based on an annuity, or a one-time cash option lump sum. The Spencers took the cash lump sum.

Given their run of good fortune, the couple says they'll continue playing the lottery. Multiple lottery winners have some form: one Joan Ginther won $5.4m but she had to wait a decade before winning again - $2m. However she followed that two years later with $3m.

Four wins

By mid 2010, Ginther hit the big time, taking a $10m jackpot. Four wins in total, beating the Spencers, then. Ginther had a PhD in statistics from Stanford University and her luck was consequently called into question in Harper's magazine (read the article).

The writer suggested Ginther could have gamed the system by figuring out the lottery's algorithm and how cards got delivered to stores. Nothing was proven. Ginther always chose the no publicity option.

However one Orlando man won the lottery seven times (his biggest win was $842,000). Richard Lustig consequently wrote a book, Learn How to Increase Your Chances of Winning the Lottery, and advised putting in research on "good" numbers - though it took him several years to put in the research.

Bulgarian luck

Last year a Bulgarian property developer, George Traykov, picked up £160,873.80 in a EuroMillions draw - the second time in less than two years after winning £1m in a EuroMillions Millionaire raffle in September 2011.

"I've always worked very hard," he told the BBC, "and never spent more than I have so money has never been a major problem for me."