Hospitalised after drinking cleaning fluid in Waitrose coffee


Supermarket Stock

The unnamed woman had visited Waitrose in Lewes, East Sussex, and got a free cup of coffee using her myWaitrose card. However, after some sort of mistake by the supermarket, the coffee somehow contained cleaning fluid, which burned the inside of her mouth, and paramedics were called. She ended up in A&E for hours, and was still unwell five days later.

So how does this rate on terms of the nastiest things ever found at the supermarket?

The woman has not been named, but her husband took to a local forum to discuss her experiences. He said they had been rushed to the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, where they had spent hours waiting for her to be checked over.

They returned home, with assurances that there would be no long-term damage, but her husband went back to the forum five days later to say that she was still in discomfort, and that he had received a letter from Waitrose and a £25 voucher as an apology. he said: "Am I the only the only one who thinks that's not really compensatory for the injury and suffering, having to spend hours in A&E, missing a weekend away etc?"

The Argus contacted Waitrose, which said: "We are very sorry that there was an unfortunate incident in our Lewes branch on March 8 when a customer accidentally received some very diluted cleaning fluid in her hot drink." It added: "We have confirmed that the cleaning fluid does not have any long term impact on health, given the small quantities consumed, but we are very sorry for what would have been an unpleasant experience. And it concluded: "We have taken action to ensure that this doesn't happen again and will be talking directly to the customer to apologise for this distressing experience."

Grim discoveries

Her husband is unlikely to take any comfort from the fact that his wife wasn't the first to make a grim discovery in a supermarket.

In January this year a mum from Wallsend found something sharp that looked like broken glass in a tub of supermarket ice cream.

Back in November, a plumber from West Lothian found a cooked mouse in a bag of Tesco scampi.

In February, a 24-year-old was unwrapping a pre-cooked Asda chicken, when she found a blue plaster attached to the bottom of the bird.

Back in 2012, it had been the turn a 31-year-old mother from Stockport, who bit into a dead, sliced mouse tucked into a BLT sandwich she had bought from Tesco.

And if a £25 voucher from Waitrose seems scant compensation, he might want to bear in mind Callum Merry, a 20-year-old from Brighton, Michigan, who spotted a spider lurking in the bag of grapes he was snacking on. He was about to fish it out and set it free, when his older brother realised in horror that he was reaching for a black widow spider. The store gave the family a £15 gift card as a goodwill gesture.