Crazy comic-book flat up for rent: would you live there?


open tin cans with paint and...

A sedate-looking block of flats in Mill Hill is keeping a bizarre secret within its walls: it's home to one of the most unusually-decorated flats in the UK. The owner has spent 13 years putting his artistic skills to good use, creating an interior that you're not going to find anywhere else.

So how does it compare to other unusually-decorated properties to have hit the market recently?

According to The Metro, the two-bedroom flat's decor is the creation of IT worker and former-magician, Simon Edwards. The 43-year-old Londoner used the walls of his flat to express his love for Flash Gordon, and landscapes ranging from Central American ruins, to a seascape, and a scene from Ridley Scott's Alien.

The walls of the lounge are painted to look as though the leather sofas are nestling in among ancient ruins. The bed in the master bedroom is overshadowed by comic strip scenes from Flash Gordon, and the spare room has been transformed into an underwater world. The dining table and chairs, meanwhile, sit amidst an Amazonian sunset, and Aliens burst out of the walls in the entrance hall.

It's on the market for £1,300 a month, and tenants won't be allowed to redecorate. The agents have listed it as a "spectacular one of a kind Mural flat", and the agent told The Mill Hill Times that he had never seen anything quite like it.

Edwards and his wife are moving into a new home in Mill Hill - which he told the Metro wouldn't be quite so colourful.

Other colourful homes

While most of the country has stuck with magnolia walls and beige carpets, there are a handful of properties which have hit the market in recent months, whose owners have not been afraid to make a statement with interior design.

There was the beautiful Gothic Victorian mansion in Crystal Palace, which was on sale for £3.25 million. Once you had walked through the stately elegance of the home you'd arrive in the loft conversion - fitted out as the interior of a space ship.

Then there was the 1980s 4-bedroom detached house in Holmes Chapel on sale for £350,000, which had something of a wild side. The designs included everything from an entrance hall featuring zebra-print wallpaper and a bright purple carpet, to a dining room which took its inspiration from the exotic - complete with a palm tree in one corner.

Even Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen got in on the act, putting his Grade II-listed 16th century manor house on the market for £1.75 million. The dramatic signature-style flourishes include a mural in the bedroom, which stretches around the room and is designed to look at if you had just stepped out of a period landscape painting; and the orange wallpaper in the breakfast room - complete with white willow pattern.

Perhaps the most well-known property with a difference one was the 4-bedroom semi-detached house in West London which was a purple phenomenon. Every room had been decorated in a striking purple colour scheme - from the walls, carpets and curtains to the fitted wardrobes and bathroom tiles.