Wheel of Fortune contestant wins $45,000 with incredible guess


Celebrity Wheel Of Fortune

A Wheel of Fortune contestant called Emil has amazed US TV viewers this week, by guessing the answer to a seemingly impossible puzzle. His stunning guess shocked the host and won the man $45,000.

The win has been confirmed as completely genuine. However, not every winner is as inspired as Emil.

The win

Emil was shown a three word phrase with the clue that it was a 'thing'. Then he was given the first two letters: N and E, and the chance to reveal four more. Unfortunately for Emil none of his four letters were in the phrase. So he was left trying to guess the answer with only the first two letters and a particularly vague clue.

As the show's host Pat Sajak (pictured) gave him ten seconds to try to guess, he admitted that it seemed like a tough challenge. However Emil stumbled across the right answer with his very first (and highly unusual) guess, New Baby Buggy.

There was a moment of real shock when he won, with Sajak double-checking the answer on his card, and even pretending to frisk the contestant for electronic aids. Emil's stunned reaction was simply 'Oh my god!'

Emil beat incredible odds to win the money, but there are no suggestions there was anything untoward in his win - just a truly inspired guess.

Watch Emil's win:

Not alone

He's not the first contestant to produce an astounding win, fair and square. On an episode of The Price is Right in the US in December 2008, contestant Terry Kniess correctly guessed the exact value of the showcase in the final - only the second time it had ever been done in the show's history.

It was so unusual that the producers waited 45 minutes between the presentation and the reveal to go back over the footage and check the behaviour of the audience during his guesses. The contestant was proven to have made his inspired guess without help. It turned out that he and his wife had been calculating the value of each item that regularly appeared on the show since it first aired.


However, not every win has been so fair. The first ever major game show scandal was in 1956 on the game show Twenty One. In this show the winner stayed on for the following week, so producers were worried when the less-than photogenic Herb Stempel stayed on for six weeks in a row, and their ratings started to drop.

He was persuaded to deliberately get an answer wrong, and challenger Charles Van Doren took the spotlight for the next 14 weeks - turning it into a hit show. However, Stempel sought his revenge, and announced that he had been given answers to help him win - and that it was standard practice on the show. The producers eventually confessed and the show was cancelled.

The most notorious quiz show scandal in the UK was far more recent, when Major Charles Ingram appeared on Who Wants to be a Millionaire in 2001. He devised a plan involving his wife and a college lecture who would cough whenever a correct answer was read out. His dastardly plan meant that he won the £1 million jackpot. However, soon afterwards he was convicted by a court of conspiring to cheat. The couple were sentenced to 18 months in jail - suspended for two years - while their accomplice was sentenced to 12 months, suspended for two years.