Brand 'worth more than moon trips'


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Apple's brand value is more than the total cost of running the Apollo Space programme, according to a new report by a branding agency.

Brand Finance identified that the maker of the iPhone and iPad has a value of 104.7bn US dollars (£64.6bn); nearly double that of its closest rival on the list, Google. Apple came top of a list of 500 companies, also finishing ahead of the likes of Amazon, Microsoft and Coca-Cola.

The figure is more in today's money that it cost Nasa to put a man on the moon, and to operate the subsequent Apollo missions between 1969 and 1972.

In comparison, Google's brand was estimated to be worth 68.6bn US dollars (£41.2bn), putting the Android operator in second place on the list.

Brand Finance compiled the report by estimating the royalty rate that would be charged in order to use a brand name, based on current and expected revenue results.

The report comes a day after Apple launched a cut price version of the iPhone 5c in the UK, as well as reducing the price of its fourth generation iPad. A new iPhone is also expected to be released this year.

Competitor Samsung have four new devices launching on a single day next month; including three new smart watches.

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