Osborne: We're putting UK right


Budget 2014

George Osborne has insisted the coalition will keep "putting Britain right" as he delivered his fifth Budget.

The Chancellor said the Government had "held its nerve" and was able to deliver a boost to pensions and savers because the economy was performing better than expected.

The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) now predicts the UK economy will grow by 2.7% - up from its previous estimate of 2.4%.

"I can report today that the economy is continuing to recover - and recovering faster than forecast," Mr Osborne told MPs.

"We set out our plan. And together with the British people, we held our nerve. We're putting Britain right.

"But the job is far from done. Our country still borrows too much. We still don't invest enough, export enough or save enough.

"So today we do more to put that right. This is a Budget for building a resilient economy.

"If you're a maker, a doer or a saver: this Budget is for you.

"It is all part of a long-term economic plan - a plan that is delivering security for the people of this country."