TV star admits to buying Asda value range


Hermione Norris

Hermione Norris, the star of hits like Cold Feet, Spooks and Wire in the Blood, says that TV actors aren't paid anything like the sums people expect nowadays, and as a result there's "still quite a bit of Asda Smart Price going on in my life."

And she's not the only celebrity to admit to bargain-hunting.

Norris made the claim in this month's Reader's Digest. She told the magazine: "I think, perhaps, if you work in America, the fees are still very good. But my life is here and I love British drama. And, you know, there's part of me that would rather eat beans than find myself working in something that I didn't believe in."

Certainly acting isn't always a highly-paid profession in the UK. A study in January found that more than half of British actors are living below the poverty line.

Clearly those who can get regular work - and TV work - are doing far better. Until BBC cutbacks Eastenders famous faces like Barbara Windsor and Steve McFadden made £360,000 a year - and there's speculation that some of the stars still make up to £250,000 a year. For a drama series, salaries are more likely to be closer to £50,000.

So there's a reasonable chance that Norris isn't forced to eat beans on toast for financial reasons on a regular basis. She still has a large home in West London and a holiday home in Dorset. The family also manage some impressive holidays including trips to south America, and skiing.

Frugal stars

However, the career of an actor isn't always the most secure one, so she's wise to be careful with her spending. And she's not the only star to have admitted to frugal shopping habits.

In December footballer John Terry was spotted shopping in the Woking branch of Poundworld. Despite a nearby shopper taking a snap of him, it's not known what caught Terry's eye.

In October Britney Spears admitted she was a huge fan of discount shopping. She told Alan Carr she'd been browsing in Poundland while she was in the UK, and had snapped up a box of novelty matches. She said she likes to hide behind a pair of dark glasses and browse the bargain stores at home too.

Back in 2012, Susan Boyle was seen in her local branch of Poundland - before getting the bus home. At the time Boyle was said to be worth £22 million.

In the US, Michelle Obama has spoken about her love of discount store Target. She was photographed shopping there in 2011 - and was pictured in Target fashions in 2009.

Even the A-listers can't resist. Joan Collins admitted in 2009 that she occasionally shops at Primark. She told the Sun she'd found three sweaters for £11 - although she didn't reveal if she'd been tempted to buy them.

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