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Dream Vacation

A luxury travel company is offering what could be the best job in the world. They are looking for someone to spend a year travelling around the world, enjoying the most exclusive, opulent and luxurious travel experiences in the world. They claim that buying them yourself would set you back $1 million, but for the right applicant, the trip will be completely free.

So what will the successful applicant do, and how can you get the job?

The experiences in this package are jaw-dropping. You'll get to stay on Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island, review the Four Seasons in Buenos Aires, drink champagne in Fizz - David Furnish's new champagne bar in Las Vegas, stay on Velaa Private Island in the Maldives, and experience the W Hotel in Verbier. The travel will be exclusive too, including luxury yachts, private jets and Japan's Kyushi Seven Stars luxury train.

Marcel Knobil, founder of VeryFirstTo, Superbrands and Cool BrandLeaders, said: "This is an outrageously enticing opportunity – a mouth-watering banquet for anyone with an appetite for fine travel."

Once you have had these outrageously luxurious experiences, you will be expected to review them for LTI - Luxury Travel Intelligence - a members-only website which provides information for very rich travellers.

Michael Crompton, LTI's Founder, explained: "Due to the continuing explosive growth of the luxury travel sector, LTI requires the highest calibre research to ensure that recently opened facilities are delivering to the highest standards. We have a duty to our members to check the reality behind the hype. This unique role will ensure that we provide our members with a seasoned travellers' input."

Get the job

The job is open to applications from individuals and couples. However, the websites are stressing that the successful applicant is going to need to be able to blend seamlessly into this lifestyle - because they need to be able to travel incognito.

They say they are looking for someone discrete, discerning, eloquent, and sociable; with considerable travel passion, knowledge and experience and a fine appreciation of food, culture and entertainment.

If you reckon you have what it takes, the first step is to apply at, attaching your CV and explaining in 65 words or less what makes you ideal for this job.

If you're successful you'll set off this summer, and spend the year nipping off to glamorous locations (although you'll be able to pop home regularly too). The website will cover all your expenses during the year up to the value of $1 million.

The downside

However, there are a couple of downsides. These places are supremely expensive. The Velaa Private Island costs £126,000 for a week. At that rate your money isn't going to go terribly far - and after that you'll be covering your own costs. You'll need to be careful that you don't blow all your cash in the first couple of months, because there will be a minimum number of destinations you have to visit during the year.

In the worst case scenario, you could get carried away with expenses in Venice, and find yourself having to pay for your own stay on Necker Island - which is no-one's idea of a dream job.

Even if you manage to budget wisely for your year, don't forget that you'll need a home to come back to and you'll need to support yourself for any time when you're not living off Michelin starred food and room service - because you wont be paid for this job.

Best jobs

These minor downsides start to make the job marginally less attractive. So how does it compare to other jobs which have laid claim to be the best in the world?

In September one of these websites, Very First To, had another impressive-sounding job. The Luxury Living Executives sample the extraordinary luxury that the website sells and review it for users. They are paid to eat at the best new restaurants, road-test the most extravagant cars, and play with the most sophisticated new technology.

However, they have competition from the job which is actually called the 'Best Job in the World'. It's an initiative by the Australian Tourist Board, in which people from around the world compete for the chance to join a team that works their way around the country for a year sampling the best that it has to offer - and being paid £100,000 for their efforts.

Then there's the job awarded last month to Tyson Mayr, a 27-year-old Australian - Jauntaroo's Best Job Around the World. He will be paid $100,000 for an all-expenses paid trip around the world for one year. He will volunteer in each place with the aim of leaving it better than when he arrived, and he will tweet about his experiences. He was given the job in Abu Dhabi, and so far confirmed stops on his tour include the Maldives and St Lucia

But if you're reading about these incredible jobs from behind the desk of a more mundane one, you can take comfort in the fact that in reality, most people aspire to more traditional roles. Thousands of children were surveyed by Newsround last year about their ideal jobs. Boys were most likely to want to be a footballer - followed by a police officer, while girls wanted to teach.

And a separate survey by LV= asked people to rate their own job in terms of reward, security, hours, opportunity and stress. The most desirable role to emerge from that study was accounting.

So while you may not be paid to travel the world in style, someone somewhere would give their right arm to be able to do what you do.

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