Bride's wedding rings stolen by best friend


Karen Fletcher (pictured left), a 43-year-old from Dunkinfield in Greater Manchester, has been jailed for stealing from her best friend in the weeks before her wedding. She had been friends with 55-year-old Beverly Meredith (pictured right), also from Dunkinfield, for 26 years, but that didn't stop her from ransacking the house in the days running up to the wedding - and stealing the couple's wedding rings.

And she's not the first to have taken advantage of a bride.

As Meredith and her fiance prepared for the big day, they noticed that their wedding rings had gone missing. They spent days searching the house, before a neighbour with CCTV offered to check the footage.

The Daily Mail reported that the couple spooled through and saw Fletcher let herself into the house using a stolen set of keys, and spend 45 minutes collecting up valuables, before driving away again with £4,500 worth of her friend's belongings.

In amongst it was jewellery that had once belonged to Meredith's daughter - who had sadly passed away - as well as the wedding rings. Fletcher pawned the goods, and they were never traced.

Bride burgled

The judge jailed her for nine months, and said he was disgusted at the betrayal. But this wasn't the first wedding to have been marred by a bizarre crime.

We reported in October last year on the couple from Lampeter, West Wales, who had their wedding reception interrupted by a visit from the local police. They explained that while the ceremony was taking place, a member of the family who hadn't been invited to the event had taken the opportunity to burgle her house.

In August last year, a bride from Orlando had her wedding dress stolen from her truck just before the big day. Fortunately for her, when she called 911 to report the theft, the woman who took the call had just got married. She ended up lending the victim her dress for the big day.

And it seems that there are decent people who will step into the breach. Earlier this week it emerged that a man in California raised $6,000 after his best friend was robbed just a week before his wedding. The best man set up a crowdfunding site and appealed to friends, family and strangers to help the couple replace the money - within the week more than $6,300 was raised by 73 people. They said they would spend the extra cash on beefing up their security system at home.