Public toilet transformed into stunning holiday home


Nick Willan, a 56-year-old builder, has transformed an old Victorian toilet block in Sherringham, Norfolk, into a luxury holiday home a stone's throw from the beach. He said his wife Sue thought he was crazy when he bought it, but by the time he had done the work and presented it to her as a 30th anniversary present, he had won her round.

He's not the first to have found potential in a highly unusual building.

Mr Willan bought the ramshackle toilet block for £104,000, and then spent £85,000 turning it into a beautiful holiday home. It is perched on the hillside with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the sea: its only neighbours are a row of beach huts along the sand.

Mrs Willan told the Daily Mail that initially she thought her husband was mad, but now loves the property. The couple have nicknamed their holiday home the Wee Retreat. ITV reported that the couple will use the house themselves, but will also let it out to holidaymakers.

Unusual conversions

And they're not the first to see the potential in an unusual building. There have been other toilets transformed into homes, including the underground toilet in Crystal Palace transformed into a dream flat by an architect. She ended up doing most of the work herself - and spent just £65,000 on the renovations.

Then there's Tracy Woodhouse and Graham Peck who live in a converted public toilet on the seafront in Scarborough - bought for just £35,000.

Elsewhere, last year, Gwyn and Kate ap Harry spent £450,000 turning a run-down cinema in Thorne, South Yorkshire into an incredible family home.

Then there was the pig farm transformed into a home, which went on the market at the end of last year for £1.5 million.

There have also been train carriages converted into holiday homes - using the old compartments as rooms, for railway buffs to have a holiday with a difference.

But perhaps the most rewarding renovation project was the Red Lion pub in Mayfair, which was transformed into a £25 million home - with an enormous basement featuring an underground swimming pool, cinema and gym.