Co-op to help with anti-flood grants


Winter weather Feb 12th

The Co-operative Insurance has launched a package of measures to help flood-hit customers take up the £5,000 offered by the government to make their homes more flood-resistant.

The offer includes flood experts visiting customers' homes to provide repair recommendations. Customer support teams will also hand-hold those applying for the Government grant

Top 5 Resilient Repairs

  • Waterproof wall coating (28%)
  • Tiled flooring (28%)
  • Air brick cover (21%)
  • Wall mounted TV (19%)
  • Move all downstairs plug sockets higher (16%)

Research carried out by the insurer shows that 54% of the country believe the extreme weather seen recently is the 'new normal' with more than 40% of consumers considering making their home more weather-proof.

Jonathan Guy, head of claims at The Co-operative Insurance says: "The floods and extreme weather that has hit many areas of the country are devastating to see and we have been doing all we can to help those affected by the storms and floods to recover.

"It's important to us that we are there for our customers at their time of need and this new initiative will help us to help them. Resilient repair work can not only offer peace of mind, but it's crucial for homeowners looking to protect their homes as best they can. In severe flood cases, we think it's crucial that people have access to experts who can advise them on resilient repair work."

Although many have growing concerns regarding the weather, astonishingly, 68% of Although many have growing concerns regarding the weather, astonishingly, 68% of homeowners in Britain are not sure whether their home insurance policy covers them for weather related damage, 22% of those are knowingly uninsured.