Oscar-nominated actor Barkhad Abdi reportedly 'broke'


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Hollywood actors and actresses always seem to have glamorous lives in which money is no object.

But attending glitzy events or even being nominated for an Oscar doesn't automatically mean the cash is rolling in.

Although Barkhad Abdi, the Somali American actor who was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his part in the film Captain Phillips was living it up at the Oscars last Sunday night, the former mobile phone salesman is thought to be completely broke after spending the $65,000 (£39,000) he was paid for the role two years ago.

According to the Daily Mail, he stayed in a cheap hotel by the airport after the event and even hired the tux he wore to the ceremony.

Abdi was born in Mogadishu and moved to Minneapolis in Minnesota when he was 14. He was working as a limousine driver before he won the career-making role in Paul Greengrass's film starring Hollywood heavyweight Tom Hanks.

After filming, he also worked in his brother's mobile phone shop, but then felt he had to quit when the film was released.

"I thought when the movie came out, reviews either gonna be good or bad," he said. "Either way, I cannot be working here."

And despite Captain Phillips taking more than $200m at the box office and being nominated for numerous awards, he has received no further bonuses - or firm offers of acting work - since then.

Abdi is far from the only high-profile Hollywood actor to face financial issues, with even those who are household names often struggling financially. Kim Basinger, for example, filed for bankruptcy in 1993, and Wesley Snipes did the same in 2006.

However, things could be looking up for Abdi, who says he is not a big spender anyway. "I'm not big into buying stuff, I'm a simple guy," he told ABC News.

He is planning to leave Minnesota for Los Angeles to pursue his acting career in earnest and is thought to be in talks to star in a film about South African runner Willie Mtolo, who competed in the 1992 New York marathon, as well as a TV show.