Mistake leads man to winning $10m on lottery


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A convenience store clerk's mistake has led to a lucky New York man winning $10m in the lottery.

53-year-old Jerry Kajfasz of Lancaster won a $10million jackpot from a $20 scratch-off lottery ticket he bought in Depew One Stop on Broadway last month.

Kajfasz asked the clerk for seven of his favourite scratch-off New York Lottery tickets but the clerk mistakingly handed Kajfasz a $20 Win for Life Spectacular ticket, reports The Buffalo News.

Kajfasz noticed the mistake, handed back the $20 ticket and instead bought the tickets he wanted and left the store.

The father of two was clearly on a winning streak.

"I kept winning on the scratch-off tickets," he recalled during a Tuesday afternoon news conference at the convenience store. "I won like seven in a row. I just got lucky, until I hit the big one," reports The Buffalo News.

After winning a total of $25 from the tickets, he went back inside the store and used the winnings to buy the same $20 Win for Life scratch-off ticket the clerk had almost given to him by mistake.

Still in the store, Kajfasz scratched off the ticket. It turned out to be a winner with a guaranteed minimum jackpot of $10 million.

The clerk validated the ticket, leaving Kajfasz a very rich man. He immediately called his wife and two children to tell them the good news.

The ticket is in Kajfasz's name, meaning that family members can keep collecting even after their father's lifetime.

Mr Kajfasz, from Lancaster, has already quit his printing job and plans to use some of his winnings to take his mother to visit her family in Poland, reports Sky News.

Kajfasz becomes the 14th Erie County resident to win at least $10 million from the New York Lottery, reports The Buffalo News.

Another happy accident left a lucky couple stumbling across $6 million in coins buried on their land while walking their dog. Their attempts to find potential owners failed so they are now set to cash in.

Earlier this month, one lucky winner in the UK scooped £6.4million in the National Lottery.

North East is luckiest in Lotto

North East is luckiest in Lotto