The best Easter eggs of 2014: Tesco takes top spot with £25 medley


Good Housekeeping has named Tesco as having the best Easter egg of the year. It's the second year in a row that Tesco has taken the title - beating out high-end rivals like Harrods and Lindt.

However, before you assume that this is the answer to a tasty and cheap Easter, there's an important catch to be aware of - the price.

The winners

The Tesco Finest Medley of Flavoured Chocolate Easter Eggs will cost you an incredible £25. In its defence, it is actually six eggs - one inside the other - with flavours ranging from the usual milk and dark chocolate to raspberry and coconut. However £25 is far more than most people would dream of spending on Easter eggs for the whole family - let alone one egg.

The magazine awarded it 88 out of 100. It also named the egg as best for sharing, although it begs the question of whether eggs are actually any good for sharing at all. It may be 1kg of chocolate, but who would envy the poor soul who had to divide it between siblings - or the whole family.

The rest of the awards for this year included the 'best for children' award, which went to the £5 Waitrose Woodland Friends Hop the Frog with 81 out of 100. There was also the £29.95 Harrods Belgian Chocolate Lattice Egg which was named 'best for grown' ups with 79 out of 100. And the Lindt Hello Cookies and Cream egg at £9.99 was named 'best for teens'.

The top five:

1. The Tesco Finest Medley of Flavoured Chocolate Easter Eggs £25
2. M&S Egg Nest £10
3. Waitrose Woodland Friends Hop the Frog £5
4. Bettys White Rabbit Egg £14.50
5. Harrods Lattice Egg £24.95

The cost of almost all of these eggs will raise a few eyebrows. It's also worth pointing out that the egg in sixth place was the astonishingly priced Rococo milk and dark egg for £45.

They are a long way from the Tesco Choc-a-block £5 eggs which took the title last year, and it begs the question as to whether these awards are particularly useful this year.


Certainly when it comes to 'best for teens' you'd be hard pushed to find many teens who wouldn't prefer a Mars Bar and the rest in the form of mobile phone top ups.

If you're looking for something a bit more sensibly-priced, it's worth finding some of the annual favourites which scored well in last year's Lovefood taste test. The top ten included Cadbury's Dairy Milk egg (which at the time cost £8.15), Lindor (£8.19), Nestle Munchies (£5.99) and Nestle After Eight (£9.99).