Bathtub tester: the best job ever?


Woman reclining in bathtub

Bathstore are on the hunt for a Bathroom Executive Officer (BEO) to test their range of products.

A bathtub tester? Surely this is the best job ever?

More than 50 people have responded to the advert for "one of the most relaxing jobs on the market".

And why wouldn't they?

The role is based on a 12 month contract and pays a yearly salary of £6,000. Not much, you might argue. However, the successful candidate will also receive bathroom installation worth £6,000 and products worth £4,000 to trial.

Unfortunately, the successful candidate's days will not just involve relaxing in a bubble bath.

They will be responsible for providing written reports and detailed analysis on the overall bathing experience. Not quite as relaxing as you had hoped.

However, all this boring homework can be done from the comfort of your own home as Bathstore will regularly install their new baths into the BEO's home "ensuring that this is one job that can be taken lying down". It doesn't get much better than that!

Bathstore's chief marketing officer Claire Bayliss said: "We are dedicated to making dream bathrooms easy, from design to installation, and this appointment demonstrates our commitment to deliver quality products and expert advice.

"We've already received some great applicants for the BEO position and will be looking to produce a short-list in the upcoming weeks.

"We're really looking forward to filling the role and won't rest until we find the right candidate".

If you think this job sounds relaxing then you won't believe how much NASA are willing to pay volunteers to do absolutely nothing.

For 70 days volunteers will be allowed to read, watch TV, do some online shopping or even carry on with their normal job. Sounds pretty easy, right? The best part is, they will be paid £11,000 for the trouble!

Still not impressed? Then this dream job will surely appeal to you.

Georgina Pomper has the very difficult job of travelling the world and sampling the best on offer, from prestigious restaurants, to the finest hotels, to extravagant cars, to stunning jewellery. And she gets paid to do all this!

Fancy travelling the world but don't have the cash to fund your epic adventure? Last year, travel site Jauntaroo offered one lucky intrepid traveller this opportunity. The website launched a job offer for a Chief World Explorer who gets to travel around the world for a year and get paid $100,000.

What's your dream job? Let us know in the comments below.

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