Where does it cost the most to see the dentist in the UK?


Periodic comprehensive dental examination to have a healthy mouth and teeth

Stratford-upon-Avon is the priciest place in the UK for a dental check-up, figures have revealed.

The average price of a private check-up in the birthplace of Shakespeare costs £67, while in Bradford a standard check-up costs around £15.

Across the UK the average cost of a private check-up is £36, according to research by the private healthcare search engine whatclinic.com.

After examining fees charged by 11,000 private dentists, the website found that Stratford-upon-Avon was the most expensive place for a standard check-up followed by Newbury, Guildford, Milton Keynes and Tunbridge Wells.

It also examined the cost of a number of other treatments including teeth whitening and veneers.

London is the most expensive place for whitening, where people are expected to pay an average of £600. But in Portsmouth the cost of a set of pearly whites is around £163.

Veneers are dearest in Oxford and cheapest in Wolverhampton, the poll found.

Caelen King, chief executive of whatclinic.com, said: "Even something as straightforward as a dental check-up can fluctuate by around £50 depending on where you live. If the whole family has regular check-ups every six months, as recommended, then the accumulated costs over time could be quite significant.

"It's also worth checking prices in your local area, as we found the cost of dental treatments can also vary quite dramatically between dental clinics in the same city or town.

"Just spending a few minutes online comparing local prices could save you a considerable amount of money over the course of a year."

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