Rupert Murdoch's highly unusual home


Rupert Murdoch

Rupert Murdoch is said to be worth over $13 billion. With that kind of cash he can afford to live wherever he fancies. But what kind of property would appeal to an 82-year-old newly-single media mogul who Bloomberg reported lost a $44 million Manhattan penthouse in his recent divorce?

Apparently, the answer is a $57.25 million (£34.38 million) apartment, with over 10,000 square feet of space.

New home

The Wall Street Journal has reported that he is in the process of buying the top four floors of a 60-storey apartment building in downtown Manhattan, near Madison Square Park.

It doesn't just include the penthouse - which covers the top three floors - but the apartment downstairs too. At the moment they are two separate homes, but apparently knocking them together would be fairly simple.

The end result would have eight bedrooms and at least six bathrooms. The whole apartment also features floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the Empire State Building and the new World Trade Centre.

The enormous cost is thought to include a generous discount for the fact he bought two apartments together. Originally they were on the market for a combined total of $66.5 million.


It's a long way shy of being the most expensive penthouse on the market in the city (which is held by the $125 million penthouse at the top of the city's Pierre Hotel overlooking Central Park), but sets a record for this part of town.

For that money he could leave the city and the stress behind him. For a small stretch (to $61 million) he could buy the Greek island of Omfori, which is currently unspoiled but has planning permission. Alternatively he could spend $40 million on Darby Island in the Bahamas - which comes complete with a castle built in 1938.

But if he's determined to make his home in a big city, he should be glad he's not trying to settle in London. There he'd have to stretch a bit further to buy an 8-bedroom terrace in Mayfair - as the Charles Street property is on the market for £39.5 million. And if he was after a glamourous apartment he'd have to double his money for the penthouse at One Hyde Park - which only has five bedrooms.

Inside Rupert Murdoch's Manhattan apartment

Inside Rupert Murdoch's Manhattan apartment