Sainsbury's to include calorie counts on wine labels


PICTURE POSED BY MODELS. File photo dated 25/04/07 of two women drinking wine as Sainsbury's is launching calorie labelling on wine as part of efforts to help consumers make

A retailer is launching calorie labelling on wine as part of efforts to help consumers make "responsible" health choices.

Sainsbury's will launch the new labels, which will include the number of calories in a 125ml glass, this week starting with 20 of its own-brand bottles.

A study for the supermarket found 85% of consumers do not know how many calories are in the average glass of wine and 63% do not consider wine when counting up their total calorie intake.

The research also revealed that while 74% of adults know their recommended daily calorie intake, 58% do not know the guidelines for daily alcohol consumption.

The charity Drinkaware says a large, or 250ml, glass of wine with 13% ABV (alcohol by volume) can contain 228 calories, similar to an ice cream or two fish fingers.

The study for Sainsbury's found two in three consumers (66%) would like to see calorie labelling on alcohol, with 62% saying they limit their alcohol consumption in a bid to be healthier and 44% reporting that they try to limit their drinking in an effort to manage their weight.

Sainsbury's Responsible Drinking Steering Group chairwoman Helen Buck said: "It is clear from our research that shoppers are confused regarding the calories in alcohol.

"We hope that by clearly displaying this information on the bottle, we'll be able to help our customers to make responsible choices more easily."

Public Health Minister Jane Ellison said: "The use of calorie labelling on alcoholic drinks is a key way the industry can help support responsible drinking. Clear labelling has an important part to play in helping customers make healthier choices.

"Sainsbury's are once again helping to lead the way in providing consumers with the information that they need to make informed choices. We welcome this move and urge others to follow suit.

"Through the public health Responsibility Deal, this government continues to work with businesses to give consumers more of the information they want and need on alcoholic drinks and other products."

Sainsbury's said it would continue rolling out calorie labelling throughout this year and next year.

:: One Poll surveyed 2,000 adults online between February 13-14.

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