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Move over Waitrose, Aldi is now the nation's favourite supermarket. Which? questioned 7,000 UK shoppers who gave the German cheapie an overall 76% total satisfaction score, pushing Waitrose (75%) into second place.

The Co-op and Tesco took last positions with 50% and 57% ratings respectively. Why did Aldi win?

Price/quality balance

Because it's getting the right balance between price and quality - according to Which? "Shoppers told us that supermarkets generally aren't helping to ease the impact of increasing food prices on their day-to-day budgets," says Which?

"But Aldi is a rare exception – 80% think it's helping with this." Aldi customers rate it highly for the quality of its fresh food, range of products and how easy it is to find items Which? says.

Behind Aldi and Waitrose was M&S (73%) and Lidl (71%). Unusually, Which? widened their survey this time to include non-Which? members to gain a more accurate result.

Tesco struggling

According to grocery analyst Kantar in the the four weeks to 2 February all four big supermarkets gave market share away while Aldi expanded sales by almost 38%; Lidl saw a 16.4% sales surge.

Tesco's sales dipped 0.4% with is market share fell to 29.2% from 30%. Tesco's sales disappointment is also reflected in its share price (currently 327.4p), approaching a 12-month low.

Meanwhile Waitrose courted publicity recently when it invited tweeters to say 'I shop at Waitrose because...' in a new marketing campaign. One tweeter said: "I shop at Waitrose because I was once in the Holloway Rd [London] branch and heard a Dad say 'Put the papaya down, Orlando!'"

No papayas

Other tweeters were more complimentary, particularly with Waitrose's grammar: "I shop at Waitrose," one said, "because you say 'Ten items or fewer' not 'Ten items or less', which is important".

But more British consumers are saying they shop at Aldi because they're under financial pressure and want straightforward value with no tricks. Though you will struggle to find fresh papayas at Aldi - their press office confirmed they don't sell them.

Which? scores

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