Inside British entrepreneur's £6m Notting Hill three-bedroom property


The property

Cornish pasties may not seem like the secret to untold wealth and a property of your dreams. But for one man that's exactly what they turned out to offer. Now an entrepreneur, who made a fortune from selling the West Cornwall Pasty Company, has just sold his Notting Hill pad.

So what kind of place did a fortune in pasties buy?

The business

Mark Christopher set up the company with two childhood friends and their father in 1998. The family had already tried to start a pasty business, but had struggled and had ended up sleeping in the basement of their shops. However, everything changed when they brought in Christopher - who at the time was working at a private equity firm - and two sisters.

By 2007 they had 55 kiosks and shops, and were a stalwart of stations, high streets and motorway service stations.

At that point the sold the business to a private equity firm for a figure which has been variously reported as between £30 million and £40 million. The business went on to expand even further until the point that were even name-checked by David Cameron when he was pushed to recall the last time he had eaten a pasty.

The house

With part of the proceeds of the sale Christopher bought a Notting Hill pad - and filled it with his modern art collection.

According to Prime Location, the house was no-one's dream property at that point: it was split into two maisonettes. In a recent Living etc. feature he described it as 'pretty hideous' when he found it.

However, it was just off Westbourne Grove - one of the area's trendiest shopping areas - and with a huge amount of work and a lot of cash he turned it into a dramatic three-bedroom home - complete with a roof terrace, extension and glass walls.

The estate agents haven't opted for an understated approach. The particulars include phrases like "The first three floors are painted the most amazing bluey grey, which might be a bit dark until you realise that the back wall on two floors has been removed and replaced with glass." And: "At the top of the house is the Master Bedroom Suite...And boy, is it."

What's it worth?

It paid off, having just sold this morning for £6 million. It's a major price tag for a three-bedroom property, and it puts it around the top of the price bracket for this size of property in this part of Notting Hill.

In the area you can get a modernised three-bedroom house for less than £4 million - so you are paying for the fact it has been transformed into a house that makes a statement rather than a typical period property.

But can a statement really be worth £6 million - especially when it doesn't even have anywhere to park?

Inside British entrepreneur's £6m Notting Hill three-bedroom property

Inside British entrepreneur's £6m Notting Hill three-bedroom property