Former Bronski Beat singer avoids benefits jail term


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A 1980s session musician who sang for a variety of groups including Bronski Beat has swerved a prison sentence despite a £30,461 benefits fiddle. 45-year-old Kevin Glancy received a one-year suspended prison sentence for claiming housing benefit payments on a Grimsby house he actually owned.

Glancy turned up to court with a case of belongings anticipating he'd go down.

Smalltown benefits

The former singer was caught out after Land Registry officials double-checked the ownership of the property he was claiming rent cash for. Glancy however claimed that the total figures misled because he had been entitled to some benefits.

"I don't think it's a case of being a benefit cheat," the Mail quotes him. "It's a case of filling in the forms and doing it in the wrong way. My criminal ways are behind me."

However Glancy had previous form: he had previously received a nine-month suspended sentence for obtaining property fraudulently. The latest offences took place between mid-summer 2006 and up to September 2013. Glancy was not a permanent member of the bands he sang with.

There has been something of a mini-surge in entertainment personalities fiddling the system. In 2012 BBC Rouge Traders presenter Dan Penteado was jailed for three months for council tax and housing benefit fraud - though the total amount came to £24,000. Less than Glancy's amount but for a similar time frame, between 2008 and 2012.

Lotto win

Chairman of the bench at Bournemouth Magistrates' Court John Corben told Penteado told him he had been caught stealing from the public purse.

"It was calculated and we consider it so serious that only a custodial sentence is appropriate - you knew exactly what you were doing," Corben was quoted in the Telegraph. "You will be sentenced to 12 weeks in prison and it will not be suspended."

Perhaps the most inexplicable case is that of Edward Putman who won £5m on the lottery in 2009 - but continued to apply for income support and housing benefit worth around £13,000, despite blowing cash on property and sports cars.

Putman was jailed for nine months after admitting two counts of benefit fraud.

"It was greed on a scale which, frankly, defies belief," the BBC quoted Judge Andrew Bright at St Albans Crown Court, "especially in an economic climate when welfare budgets are being cut and those who are properly entitled are struggling to make ends meet," the judge said.