The world's most expensive property for sale for £90m


Most expensive house in the world

A home in London has become the most expensive currently on the market anywhere in the world. The asking price is an astonishing £90 million, for a 21-bedroom, 21-bathroom property in the heart of Mayfair.

But is it really the world's most expensive? And is it worth it?

You get a fair bit of property for your money. The house consists of an impressive 19,000 square foot of living space - including the posh main building and the mews house behind it. The mews is home to a garage, which the estate agents say will fit four limousines.

There are 21 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms, and all the usual luxuries you would expect from an enormously expensive property. There's an indoor swimming pool (decorated to look like you've stepped into it from your Greek villa), sauna and treatment room. There's also an enormous commercial kitchen for your staff to prepare feasts in.

The odd thing about this mansion for the super-rich, however, is that it's actually a terraced property, so for your £90 million you don't even get privacy from your neighbours. What you get instead is an incredibly exclusive address: on Hill Street in Mayfair. A couple of years ago a three-bed flat on the road went for £2.3 million.

Take a look around inside the house:

Most expensive property for sale at £90m is a terrace

Most expensive property for sale at £90m is a terrace

Most expensive?
Prime Location is calling it the most expensive property in the world. It's certainly the most expensive on the open market in the UK - worth far more than its nearest contenders.

As we reported last November, at that point the most expensive home on the market was a £68 million apartment in Knightsbridge, followed by the £65 million Heath Hall on The Bishops Avenue in North London, and a £65 million home on Campden Hill in Holland Park.

It's definitely not the most valuable property ever built, because there are far more spectacular buildings in existence. One striking example is the 27-floor tower in Mumbai built by billionaire Mukesh Ambani, which cost an estimated £600 million to build. Closer to home, Nationwide calculated the value of Buckingham Palace in 2012 and put it at £1 billion.

There are also certain to be more expensive properties changing hands, but which never go on the open market. At that level, there's a small and exclusive group of people who use their own staff to buy homes from one another in private.

Last summer a property on Kensington Park Gardens was said to be for sale for £100,000 - but there was no public record of it. Meanwhile last spring another property on the exclusive Carlton House Terrace was said to be up for sale for £250 million - but was never officially on the market.

This property, therefore, could well take the title for the world's most expensive property currently on the open market. The question is whether it deserves to be. There have been other properties marketed at this jaw-dropping level. Heath Hall was put on the market at £100 million in 2011 - which one estate agent called 'optimistic': it's now down to £65 million.

But what do you think? Will it sell for £90 million, or is this just a publicity stunt?

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