Bride sues videographer over wedding video


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Monica Nikchemny, a 26-year-old bride from Brooklyn, is suing her wedding videographer for a wedding video she has described as the 'worst thing in the world'. She said it was so bad that when she watched it for the first time while pregnant, it led to 'medical complications'.

So what was so terrible, and how does it compare to other recent wedding disasters?

The video

Nikchemny married 33-year-old Felix Komrash in September 2012. According to the New York Daily News, they paid $12,750 for a lavish video production, but on the day the crew showed up without a number of pieces of equipment she was expecting.

She claims when she saw the finished version it was so bad "I was really, absolutely hysterical and I almost had a nervous breakdown."

The New York Post reported that she objected to sound effects including additional clapping and a fake sound of the breaking of the glass by the groom. She said this made it look like an episode of Seinfeld. She added that it lacked a 'beginning, middle and end'.

The couple were given the raw footage, but complained that key things were missing including the cocktail hour, the dessert table and the signing of the Jewish wedding agreement.

She isn't just suing for her money back. She wants damages too - to a total of $122,000.

However, the video company in question was surprised at the response. It is run by an expert who has worked on visual effects for a number of Hollywood movies.

According to the Daily Mail, its Facebook page shows that they received positive responses after they uploaded the video, including "This was one of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen. WOW!!!!!" and 'Guys, you've outdone yourself again. Amazing work, absolutely love it!'

Opinion is divided as to who is right in this case. The video is a montage, telling a love story rather than showing the day in chronological order. It has clips from key moments, but doesn't show any of them in full. It's arguably cheesy, but then there are those who would say this is the point of a wedding video. It's hard to say whether this is the 'worst thing in the world', and we will have to wait for the outcome of this case.

Wedding disasters

They are not the first couple to have issues with their wedding video. In August last year a couple were married at London's Central Synagogue. They were unhappy with the wedding video when it arrived, so asked for the raw footage. When they watched it through, they could hear a voice in the background for much of the wedding insulting the bride and making anti-Semitic comments. The videographer apologised and refunded the couple.

In the grand scheme of things, however, it's safe to say that a video that misses the mark may not be the worst thing to have happened at a wedding.

Last month we reported on the woman from Devon who cancelled her brother's wedding without letting him know - because she thought the bride was wrong for him.

In October last year we heard the tale of the young couple from West Wales, who were in the middle of the reception when the police arrived. They told the couple that a member of the family who they hadn't invited to the celebration had taken the opportunity to break into their home.

And just a week earlier was the bizarre story of the groom from Merseyside who realised on the morning of the wedding that he had failed to book the registry office, so called in with a bomb scare in an effort to spare his wife's feelings. He was arrested and charged.