Kanye West Air Yeezy II 'Red October' Nikes reach £10m on eBay


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Would you pay £10 million for a pair of trainers?

A pair of Nike 'Red October' trainers designed by rapper Kanye West have reached a jaw-dropping £10 million on eBay.

The shoes retail at £220 but just like West's two previous designs, this style reportedly sold out within 11 minutes of being released on Nike.com at 6pm on Sunday.

The design in question is called Air Yeezy II 'Red October' and is the final, limited-edition creation from a fruitful collaboration between Nike and Kanye.

The rapper infamously cut ties with Nike last year and slammed the label for supposedly refusing to pay him royalties.

Soon after the trainers sold out, pairs started appearing on eBay with prices starting at £150.

A listing by userb_toogood started at £200. Following 84 bids by 30 different bidders over a 10 hour period, the listing now stands at £10 million.

With six days of bidding to go, it's the price could still increase.

The seller, Brett Toogood, has stated on his Twitter page that he will donate the amount to charity if the sale comes through.

West recently signed another lucrative deal, this time with Adidas.

Today, designing your own trainer line is seen as a rite of passage for top-selling hip-hop artists.

Drake recently announced he will be designing shoes for Nike's Jordan brand.

Other rappers who have designed or launched new shoe lines for major sports labels include Eminem, 50 cent and Jay Z.

The power of celebrity endorsement

The power of celebrity endorsement