Was Jim Davidson down to his last £761 before CBB?


Celebrity Big Brother 2014 - Borehamwood

The Sun has claimed that Jim Davidson's company had just £761 left in its coffers when he went on Celebrity Big Brother. The Star reported that he lost £300,000 in earnings, and spent £100,000 on legal bills after he was arrested as part of Operation Yewtree. The charges were dropped, but not before taking a huge financial toll.

And he's not the first to opt for reality television when times were tight.

The Sun reported that his company, Jim Davidson Limited, made a profit of £19,390 in the last tax year, and had £761 on account when Davidson entered the house. It's worth bearing in mind that these aren't his personal accounts - but those of his company - so it's highly unlikely to be the last £761 he has in the world. However, they aren't the kind of company accounts to put a smile on anyone's face.

Davidson will have received a comfortable fee for appearing on the show. He's also likely to get an enormous career boost from winning the show. He is currently on tour and can expect the tickets to be far more in demand than before his TV stint. There are also rumours that he is set to star in a new programme for Channel 5 - although at the moment this has not been confirmed.

Not alone

Reality shows are increasingly a useful boost for celebrities who could do with the cash or the boost to their career.

As we reported last month, Linda Nolan - who was handcuffed to Davidson at the start of Celebrity Big Brother, told of her financial woes in order to be freed. She said: "I was on benefits this time last week. That's why this show coming along will hopefully get me back on the road to recovery."

When Dappy went into the house, there were reports that his debts caught up with him too. Apparently his management had to pay debt collectors £6,000 in order to stop them showing up at the Big Brother studios to serve him court papers.

Kerry Katona's debt troubles are well documented, after bankruptcy in 2008. Her appearance on Celebrity Big Brother is credited with helping her finally pay her debts in 2011. However, by 2013 she was forced to declare bankruptcy again.

Laila Morse, who found fame as 'Big Mo' on Eastenders declared herself bankrupt in August last year - then signed up to appear in I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. She was reportedly paid £60,000 for her appearance.

And in the US, Pamela Anderson has made something of a habit of it. She has had serious debts to pay, and in an effort to get herself back in the black she has appeared in Celebrity Big Brother, Dancing with the Stars: All Stars and Dancing on Ice.